About Farson - Eden

The unincorporated communities of Farson and Eden form what is called the Eden Valley, named by early day promoters to suggest the agricultural potential of the soon-to-be-irrigated area. Although separated by four miles, the communities share a K-12 public school, post office, volunteer fire department and community hall.


The Eden Valley History Project Group has offered much time and and dedication to the History of Farson and Eden Valley. You can find detailed information here on the history: http://www.edenfarsonhistory.com


For even more information you may be interested in purchasing the book Eden Valley Voices: A Centennial Celebration of Stories which can be found at:

Sweetwater County Historical Museum
3 East Flaming Gorge Way
Green River, WY 82935
(307) 872- 6435

Some Interesting Facts about
Farson-Eden, Wyoming

Farson-Eden, WY 

Elevation: 6700 feet

Population: 660

Median Resident Age: 38 years

Land Area: 140 square miles (4.7 people per sq. mile)

Lowest Record Temperature: -52 degrees in Dec 1978

Highest Record Temperature: 97 degrees in June 1954

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